5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Kayaking& kayak fishing :

Sight Huizhou West Lake:

Pictures Credit: Mavis Chen (In charge and HOD Indoor Games Davison WINMAX Sports Club)

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Ha-ha I do still remember my first kayak sailing , the day I Joined JINGTE KAYAK company my Boss Ms. Ava called me in her Cabin and had a small conversation with sharing her sports hobbies to how she turn this hobby into her profession :
And started tis kayak company and her 15+ year’s journey… it was still all same memories and she advised me to go for some fun with water waves as there were our kayak Club. After I been ether very first time my experience was really we some and I found a few reasons why people should really love kayaking …

Simplicity of maintenance —

yes, a powerboat is a wonderful tool quickly covers big water, but it comes with a high price tag and needs maintenance, fuel, a tow vehicle and on and on. Some anglers find the simplicity of manpowered craft leads to more time on the water and less time in the maintenance garage.

Silence is golden —

this term applies to fishing in a few ways. First, you’ll get closer to fish without the spooking effect of an engine or even trolling motor. Second, it’s just downright peaceful to float on the water in silence. The experience of gliding softly over a lake or river without engine noise drowning out the subtle whispers of nature is a great way to unwind.

Easy on the wallet —

There’s no way around it — power boats are expensive. While kayaks are are certainly not free, they pay huge returns, hold their value and last for many years with little or no maintenance.

Exploration —

A watercraft that draws mere inches of water is unmatched or slow-speed exploration of backwaters, mountain lakes or secluded reefs.

The exercise bonus —

The exercise bonus — Kayaking is a great workout that tones the midsection, strengthens the back and burns calories. Getting a workout while fishing just may be the best multi-tasking combo yet, especially when it can even lead to dinner on the table.

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